Charles August Pratsch
and family pictures
taken by Charles Robert Pratsch, photographs and comments from the book "Grays Harbor 1885-1913" Copyright Robert A. Weinstein, 1978
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Fotos seiner Familie
aufgenommen durch Charles Robert Pratsch, mit den Bildunterschriften entnommen aus dem Buch "Grays Harbor 1885-1913" Copyright Robert A. Weinstein, 1978
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The Pratsch clan in 1888, four years after their arrival at Grays Harbor. Seated from left to right are: Carrie Clara Pratsch; Charles August Pratsch and Catherine Anna Pratsch, the photographer's father and mother; and Emma Ida Pratsch. Standing from left to right: Charles Robert Pratsch, the photographer; Margaret Mae Pratsch; Laura Bessie Pratsch; Catherine Hannah Pratsch; and Frank Seigle Pratsch.


Charles August Pratsch, nearing the end of his life, evidences the strains he endured.


The photographer's mother, the remarkable Catherine Anna Pratsch - good-natured, devoted to her family, and hard-working beyond belief.


A self-confident man, secure in his youthful vigor, the photographer Charles Robert Pratsch sits for a self-portrait.


Dressed for portrait in her Sunday finery, one of the photographer's sisters, musters up only the faintest sweet smile, perhaps to her brother's repeating urging to "say cheese and show teeth."